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Hi everyone

I have a 9-month old daughter and used birthtalks alot during my pregnancy and found it really helpful. But now I need help on another issue that doesn't specifically relate to me but that I am deeply involved in.

My dear darling sister wants to have a baby and is looking into IVF as a single woman with an anonymous donor.

So far she has been confronted by long waiting lists and an unlikely chance of ever having sperm available for her to use. Some clinics won't even see her because she's a single woman (against their policy due to religious restrictions at some faith-aligned hospitals).

Does anyone have any experience or advice to give on getting the process moving forward? We live in Perth. It all just seems very discouraging at the moment.

Thank you. As a new mum myself I really want to be able to help my sister experience the joys of motherhood for herself. And she would be a great mum!
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