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Anyone familiar with DHEA? I’ve been reading about as a final option for older women. I can’t say I like being considered older, but I guess at 35 when it comes to the baby game, I am. I understand DHEA is a male hormone that’s available over the counter. And some women have taken it (exactly why I’m not sure) and the result has been a drastic lowering of the follical stimulating hormones. That’s my problem, my fsh is too high. My ovaries are prematurely acting as if I were older. I asked my doctor about it, and she says that even though DHEA is otc she hopes whe will let me take the medication with her supervision, and I think I will. Does anyone have any more to say about DHEA, good or bad? I think it’s worth a try before I consider more drastic measures such as ivf.
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