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Default Preserve while you can

When I was diagnosed with cancer my thinking process was not too clear. For a while I thought it meant my life was over. Thatís why before my radiation treatments began I couldnít get interested in anything else. Not school or my wedding or any of things that seemed so important just before. So when my doctor started talking about fertility preservation, I was not really listening. I sort of agreed to go see a specialist because frankly it just seemed like all part of the new life Iíd fallen into which included waiting rooms, lots of waiting and a whole lot of uncertainty. Still I consented to have some ovarian tissue frozen before the treatments just to keep them safe. Frankly, part of me couldnít see the point, but I did it anyhow. Now five years later my cancer is in remission, and my frozen tissue and my husbands sperm have been used to fertilize two pregnancies in a surrogate. The first child was a beautiful girl, and then there came the twin boys. Looking back now, I see how easy it would have been to have said ďNoĒ to the fertility preservation procedure only to realize when I was still young that Iíd missed my chance to have children. Now having survived cancer, and having three children and all since I was 38 makes me feel like Iíve been reborn. Donít give in to the cancer. Keep your spirits up, and assume that you will beat it, and be sure to talk to someone about preserving your fertility while you still have the chance.
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