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Originally Posted by porter View Post
Hi! I'm 35 and my highest FSH level was 17. I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant. With this BFP my FSH was 14.5. I got 9 eggs but only 5 fertilized with ICSI. We put back 3 embryos. This was my third cycle and my doctor did not give me much hope. I was on 300 follistim and 2 amps menopur. I also did not do lupron. In fact I was encoraged to cancel this cycle due to a lack of follicles. Anyone with high FSH do not give up hope. I kept telling myself it only takes 1. My doctor gave me a less than 5% chance of getting pregnant. I was fortunate he was willing to keep working with me.

We are delighted about your success, but your physician underestimated your chances. At age 35, with your level of FSH, you quite obviously suffer from premature ovarian aging (POA). With appropriate stimulation, we reported already in 2006 (Gleicher and Barad, Fertil Steril 2006; 86:1621-5) in 62 women in your clinical situation with POA (up to age 35) a 32% ongoing pregnancy rate after IVF.
It is really quite surprising that this message has not gone out to all fertility specialists, yet. Unfortunately, only too many women like you are still unnecessarily canceled in their IVF attempts and/or referred into egg donation when they still have good chances with their own eggs.
I hope your example will encourage others!
N. Gleicher, MD
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