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Originally Posted by babgone View Post
35...possible antiphosfolipid syndrome but unlikey cause of latest of 6 miscarriages over period of 4 years. Possibly Premature ovarian ageing. Latest FSH tests quite high Feb08 14.68; April08 12.4 Latest scan ovaries presenting small and unlikely to produce many eggs. Anyone with similar eperience?

An FSH of 12.4 at age 35 with great likelihood shows that you suffer from premature ovarian aging (POA). The most frequent causes are autoimmune and genetic. Since you have APAs, you very likely have the autoimmune version of POA. This is not necessarily bad because we have some preliminary reserach evidence that the autoimmune form may be easier to treat than the genetic form. At the same time, abnormal autoimmune function also increases your miscarriage risk and you should get another treatment layer to prevent miscarriages once you conceive.
Whatever the cause, at age 35 you should still have an excellent chanc eof pregnancy and delivery, as long as you get the right treatments. As we noted in another response on this website, we reported in 2006 in fertility & Sterility on over 60 women like you and achieved a 32% ongoing clinical pregnancy rate in them.
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Norbert Gleicher, MD
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