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I'm not sure how timely this will be for you, but maybe I can share our experience. When J. was diagnosed with cancer, thinking about freezing sperm or other measures was the last thing on his mind. This was last year and similar procedures had just become available for men. But you have to look for them. We found someone online and had to travel. (And again, it was not easy making all those arrangments at the same time J was thinking about the cancer treatments coming too). But we did and I definitely believe it was the right choice. Now he is in recovery (fingers-crossed!!!) We haven't taken advantage of the frozen thing yet, but they think if we want to get pregnant with our own child that's the only way we'll do it. It's just good to know we have the choice if we want to. I can see it in J's eyes. At least there is a chance. If we did not have the option now, I think it could be very hard.

The fact is when you hear you have cancer it's so big you can't see past it. J. said he couldn't and so found it hard to care about it. Hope this hopes some and God bless you.

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