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Default Looking for cycle buddy...October-November

Hi ladies. I'm new to the group and hoping to buddy up with someone for my first IVF cycle. I'm starting my injections (on bcp right now) on October 18th for 10 days. I've done 3 IUI's about 6 years ago with my first husband and looking back now, luckily it didn't work out, lol. But, I have a GREAT new husband and due to Endometriosis and being 35yrs old, IVF is my best option. So, here we go! I am not sure if the embryos will be implanted as a fresh cycle or the following month as a frozen-thaw cycle, because I qualified for this special study they are doing at the clinic here in Las Vegas where I live. it saves me over $2,500.00 on the cost of IVF, so I am going to do it. It basically is to see if there is a difference in waiting a month after your uterus sheds it lining to implant. When they do the egg retrieval, they randomly choose half of the women to wait until the following month to implant and they freeze the embryo during that time. The other half of the women get implanted with a fresh embryo immediately when it's ready within the same cycle. So, I'm either going to be implanted in November or December, but I won't know yet until the egg retrieval in late Oct/early Nov. If anyone is interested in being my cycle buddy, I'd be grateful. Best of luck to those of you currently undergoing treatment.

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