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Default Cycle update...injections...OUCH

Hey girls. Glad to hear I'll have some company with the meds. I started the injections of Menepuir (sp?) intramuscular and Follistim in the stomach (subcutaneous shot wasn't as bad as the other) last Saturday Oct. 18th. Been back for blood and ultrasound and another ultrasound Thursday and Saturday of this week. 10 days of these is day 5, halfway through! I can do this! I have quite a needle phobia, so this is a little hard for me. My egg retrieval is set for somewhere during the first few days of November, so glad I get sedated for that. I'll know on that day whether they'll do the embryo transfer in November or December as I'm part of that drug study I mentioned in my first post..(see first post for explanation). Hope you girls are coming along okay with everything. Best of luck!

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