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Dear IreneV,

I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Really makes your day, doesn't it! Sorry if the grim humor bothers you, but I've found it helped me cope with what otherwise could be too much negative energy. I'm in post-treatment now, and have my fingers crossed that I'll be in this phase for a good long while. I did have eggs frozen, and now I'm glad that I did.

No one told me anything about my options when I first diagnosed either. They told me all about the cancer treatments, but not much about what might come later. Radiation could affect your repro organs and you are very young. You have at least ten or fifteen years and anything could happen in your life. Don't give up anything! Also considering the rates these days that women recover from breast cancer, you ARE going to be around and should preserve your options, even if you don't choose to take advantage in the future. You will at least have the choice.

I froze my eggs. They are not fertilized, so it wouldn't matter that you have not partner now. You owe it to yourself to at least look into the optioins, (costs, etc.).

Please keep in touch.

My very best, I am sending you postive energy!
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