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Hi Tenny,

Thanks so much for your reply! It really did push my back. And I'm so glad you're doing great after a year since diagnosis!

I've gone to see a specialist on this matter (I read about him in Newsweek at How Cancer Patients Can Preserve Their Fertility | Newsweek Health |, and have rescheduled the start of my radiation to late next week so we'll have time to freeze my ovarian tissue. The doctor (a really nice, personable guy!) explained the options for me, and as you were saying, my options were either freezeing the eggs or a part of my ovaries. Since I don't have time to use medications to let my ovaries produce more than one mature eggs before radiation, I decided to go for ovarian freezing. I'm having the procedure done on Friday.

It's still experimental, but I feel good that I'm taking initiative. Such a difference from the cancer treatment part of the story (which makes me feel like I'm on a conveyor belt--without my will)! I'm determined to be around for many years to come, and hopefully I'll meet a man with whom I can have children some day.

Argh, it's quite a bit to carry, but I'm hanging in there. Hope you're, too.

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